Start Selling


Looking for a way to start selling online immediately without having to build your own webstore?

Our website DSKOOPSTORE is a ready built e-commerce platform where you can start selling your products immediately. We handle the product listing, customer enquiries and payment process for you. You will only need to pack and ship your product to the customer upon order confirmation.

Why sell with us?

  • We are a multi-product, multi-brand marketplace that curates quality home interiors for our customers. This generates interest and higher viewing traffic for your products
  • Product listing is free. We only collect commission upon the successful sale of your product
  • We handle the payment process and updating of the product page for you, promote via social media.

Just email us at with the following details to start selling on DSKOOPSTORE. We will get in touch with you walkthrough and finalise the commercial arrangements.

  1. Company Name
  2. Contact Person, Number and Email
  3. Product Photo (Dimension)
  4. Product Description (Dimensions, Colour, Material, any other special features)
  5. Product Price
  6. Units Available


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