Power Socket Housekeeping Project

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Power Socket Housekeeping Project

Power Socket Housekeeping Project

I was facing a problem with the power sockets at my dry kitchen area, or rather, the lack of power sockets at my dry kitchen.

Our original configuration was as per below : 2 units of power sockets, 2 wall-cabinet light switches and 2 switches for the hood and oven respectively. However, as you can see, it made the area looked rather cluttered and the unevenness in the sockets positions was quite an eyesore. To make matters worse, the wall sockets would come off if we ever try to pull the plug a little too hard. We have tried many methods to screw the socket back to the wall but to no avail.


We finally found the solution in the form of Eubiq Power Outlet System, during a recent visit to the Achidex 2014.

After consulting with the sales assistants about our requirements, we settled for a package that comes with :

–       2 power tracks (600mm and 800mm)

–       2 basic design power sockets

–       free installation

We upgraded the 2 power sockets into the premium international travel socket adaptor (titanium) type and top up with 4 more power sockets due to our needs.

The installation Process

The very knowledgeable installation guy arrived promptly at the pre-arranged time slot and spent over an hour dismantling and installing the 2 tracks.

installation 1      installation 2


The Result

We were very pleased with the installation work.

2 plugs - new     final result

Contrary to what most people thought, one cannot just slide / glide the power socket along the track. To reposition any socket, you need to set the switch to off-position (twist left), remove it and plug it into the desired location. However, it is quite easy to do and hassle free. Most of the time, once you have settled into a spot, you don’t need to reposition your plug points anyway.

We like that the system allows flexibility for us to add more sockets in the future when needed, or move the existing sockets around if we ever want to re-arrange the positions of our electrical appliances. Do take note that there is a limit on the number of sockets one track can support (refer to my write-uo below for more details).

The Positive Points:

1) Tidy & Sturdy

It really helps to tidy up the area. Go with the universal adaptor option and you never need to worry about how to plug in the various weird plugs that some of your electronic gadgets come with.

2) Flexible

It spares the user from being conflicted over the number power sockets to install, especially in a new house.

3) Design

There are so many socket desings to choose from. We do like the ornamental blue light (there are other colours too). My son said it looks like something from the movie Tron.

The Negative Points

1)    The plug points are very “tight”, and it is somehow not easy to plug in and pull out Apple products-plugs with these sockets. We didn’t find this to be issue with other products though. Strange.

2)   Pricing – it is a little steep, for the function that it serves

3)   It doesn’t solve the problem of ugly cable cords hanging around

4)   There is a limit to the track length and maximum no. of sockets one track could hold (depending on the power supply from your incoming cables) – refer to this explanation that I extracted from eubiq.com FAQ.

The number of tap-off units is dependent on the total load current consumed at that point of time rather than the absolute number of tap-off units connected. Maximum load current available on the system is subjected to the rating of the MCB at the Distribution Board supplying to the final sub-circuit. In practice, the track can accommodate up to 12x adaptors or 18x plugs per metre run. Ratio of adaptor to plug is 2:3.

The Verdict – Rating of 4 out of 5 

The final outcome did not look as “sleek” as in the brochures, but this product is very convenient and flexible indeed.






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