Landscapes and Gardens – A Japanese Moss Garden

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Landscapes and Gardens – A Japanese Moss Garden

Landscapes and Gardens – A Japanese Moss Garden

Summer in Japan is rainy season, and a chance discovery while attempting to avoid the drizzle, led me to a breathtaking and mysterious garden landscape at the Hakone Museum of Art.  Strolling through the museums’s moss garden in the mid morning cool air and taking in the lush greenery was a surreal experience.

Moss Garden Blog 13

Moss Garden Blog 03

There are 130 varieties of moss in the garden, shrouded by 200 maple trees, all in a lush green shade.  So used to the grass covered lawns in my own tropical home, I marvelled at the beauty of the moss covered garden surface.

Moss Garden Blog 07  Moss Garden Blog 02

Stone paths winding through the garden lead to a charming Japanese tea house.

Moss Garden Blog 11  Moss Garden Blog 09

Enjoying a japanese sweet dessert with a view of the moss garden from the tea house.

Moss Garden Blog 05  Moss Garden Blog 08

The various stone pavings that take you through the moss garden.

Moss Garden Blog 10

A traditional japanese house in the garden grounds.

Moss Garden Blog 12 Moss Garden Blog 06

An inspiration indeed – moss completes a landscape composition pulling together rocks, earth and plants.  I have seen efforts to reproduce the beauty of moss gardens in bonsai arrangements, courtyards and between pathways and paving stones.  It was a privilege to have been able to admire an original Japanese moss garden at its brightest green in June, and to experience the serene and tranquil atmosphere.  It was as if time stood still.





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