Endless Treasures at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market – Part 2

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Endless Treasures at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market – Part 2

Endless Treasures at Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market – Part 2

As mentioned in my earlier post, Chatuchak is a very large weekend market, selling all sorts of products.  Before you visit the market, it is good to pick up a copy of the market’s map to help better plan your trip.

This sprawling market is divided into 27 sections, with each section focusing on specific type of products:

Section 1 – Amulets, books, collectibles, food shops, café

Section 2 to 4 – Collectibles, home décor, paintings, terra cotta

Section 5 to 6 – Clothes, adornments, miscellaneous products

Section 7 to 9 – Antiques, furniture, ceramics, handicrafts

Section 10 to 24 – Clothes, consumer products, adornments, household appliances, pets

Section 17 to 19 – Ceramics, fresh and dry food

Section 22 to 26 – Antiques, furniture, handicrafts

Section 27 – Books, food and dessert shops, collectibles

For ceramic product lovers, head straight to Section 17 to 19, and you will be spoilt for choices of ceramic works.  Here, you can find all sorts of ceramic tableware, bathroom accessories, candle burners, decorative items etc.

I found these beautiful and delicate ceramic horses, each treated using different colour / glaze, to bring out the different final effect.  There were so many choices (style / colours / sizes) to choose from, but I finally settled for four with oriental flavour:

chetuchak ceramic horse dark        chatuchak ceramic horse light

chatuchak ceramic horse pair


They now sit proudly on top of my piano at the living room.

blog chatuchak 2





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