Endless Treasures at Bangkok Chatuchak Market – part 1

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Endless Treasures at Bangkok Chatuchak Market – part 1

Endless Treasures at Bangkok Chatuchak Market – part 1

Being one of the largest weekend markets in the world (covering an area of 27 acres and housing over 15,000 stalls), Bangkok’s Chatuchak Weekend Market needs little introduction.

This market is a heaven for shoppers (if you can withstand the heat and stuffiness).  Focusing on home furnishing items alone, you are already spoilt for choice:- furniture, art pieces, antiques, wood carvings, ceramic ware, clay items, garden decorative items etc.

I like exploring around this market as it gives me the opportunity to discover new “gems”, such as this metal art sculpture gallery called KC Gold Gallery, tucked in a little corner of the market.

Made mostly using iron and stainless steel, these metal sculptures come in all shapes and forms, such as flowers, Buddha concept, lamps, candle stands, clocks, chairs etc.

As each piece is handcrafted by the artist himself, no 2 pieces are identical.  I believe the artist also accepts custom orders from Thailand and aboard.  Anyone interested to make an order can drop him a mail or call him via the contact details provided below.

I find his large wall pieces particularly impressive, but unfortunately I am not able to find a way to fit them into my house.  So, I ended up with just a little candle holder (refer to picture below).

Contact details of KC Gold Gallery:

Jatujak Weeken Market

Section 7 Soi 63/5 No. 207-208

Soi 63/8 No. 293-294

E-Mail – kcgold_gallery@yahoo.com

Tel/Fax – +66 (0) 34-331702

Mobile – +66 (0) 86-3301994, +66 (0) 81-1720710

KCGold - Pic4          KCGold - pic5





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