DIY Project – Giving an Old Bar Stool A New Lease of Life

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DIY Project – Giving an Old Bar Stool A New Lease of Life

DIY Project – Giving an Old Bar Stool A New Lease of Life

I bought a white Ikea stool some time back, and learned it the hard way how challenging it is to maintain white furniture.

Not sure how and when, but one day, I noticed that the seat of the bar stool was slightly stained. No amount of cleaning would remove it.  As a result, it was rendered not guest worthy and something needed to be done to it.  (Note – sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the stained stool).

Instead of throwing it away, I figured that it would be a perfect opportunity to unleash the artistic side of me!

This was my inspiration for the design, but I wanted to inject some colours into it.  This particular pattern was chosen because I wanted a flexible and abstract design which is easy to draw and rectify, to “hide” any painting flaws, if needed.


The kids and I went to Art Friend (The Curve, Mutiara Damansara) and picked out some craft paints :

DIY Stool - paint

I was quite lazy and didn’t bother to draw outline the design at the bar stool.  On hindsight, I probably could have used a pencil to draw the outlines.  Instead, I just painted the stripes freely from left to right, making sure to alternate the colours. The kids attempted to paint some of the stripes (notice the un-usually thick purple stripe?) but struggled a little to paint long, curly stripes, steadily.  So, I re-assigned them to paint the sides of the stool, which was much more manageable.  I had to touch up their work here and there but overall, they completed their assigned tasks with minimal supervision.

WIP - DIY stool painting

The entire process took a little over 45 minutes.  We then let it dry under indirect sunlight.  Surprisingly, the paint dried very quickly (in less than 4 hours).

Overall, we were pretty satisfied with the end result and the bar stool looks sparkling new.  Most importantly, the family had a lot of fun in this DIY project and it has given us the motivation and confidence to embark on more such projects in the future.

DIY stool = finished

What you will need:

– bar stool (or any plastic furniture you have at home)

– craft paints

–  good condition paint brushes of various sizes (make sure some of them have pointed tips as you will need to use them to touch up the edges of the stripes)

– colour palette

– old newspaper (to line the floor)


– make sure the object you plan to paint on is dust free and dry.

– paint from left to right (f you are a right hander, and vice versa) – to avoid messing up your completed work





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