Coffee Specialty Shop at Kappabashi, Tokyo

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Coffee Specialty Shop at Kappabashi, Tokyo

Coffee Specialty Shop at Kappabashi, Tokyo

For those of you who are passionate about coffee and coffee making, you wouldn’t want to miss out on visiting Union Coffee, the next time when you are in Tokyo.

Located at the corner of one of the intersections along Kappabashi Street (also known as the “Kitchen Town”), this shop (actually, it consists of 2 corner lots, directly opposite each other) is the place to go for everything related to coffee making and drinking.

One shop specializes in selling coffee beans from all over the world, including the prized Luwak Coffee from Indonesia.  We liked one of the roasted beans but needed it to be less oily (our coffee machine doesn’t take oily beans well), so the shop-keeper weighed a new batch and roasted it for us there and then.  All it takes is 15 minutes and you walk out with your freshly roasted beans, just the way you liked.

union coffee - barrels    union coffee - roasting coffee

We bought the Colombian Emerald Mountain beans:

coffee union - beans

Even though this shop sells a small range of coffee brewing equipment, if you are seriously looking for such items, their opposite branch is the place to go.  The shop, which is packed to the brink, is where you will find everything needed to make your perfect cuppa coffee.  There were drip coffee machines, filtered coffee makers and the complicated looking syphon coffee equipments.  We also found other coffee making tools such as coffee pots, cups, spoons, coffee bean containers, hand mills and electric grinders, just to name a few.

union coffee - tools 2        union coffee - tools

Direction to Kappabashi Street

–  Take exit number 3 out of Tawaracho Station (Tokyo Metro Ginza Line), turn around and walk towards the nearesr intersection in front of you.

–  Turn right and walk along Asakusa Dori (towards Ueno).

–  You should pass a post office and the Akafudado Supermarket within minutes.

–  Continue on and you would have arrived at your destination when you see the giant chef’s head atop a store called Nimi.

chef head 2

(Rough) Direction to Coffee Union

Walk along Kappabashi Dori till you come to the 3rd junction (I think).  Just look out for this sign on the corner shop, or follow the smell of fresh coffee beans.

union coffee logo

By the way, while there, you might want to drop by Union Commerce (1 or 2 shops down the road – look for the armour suit statue), and get yourself a pair (or two) of the famous Japanese knives.  Read my Japanese Knife Shopping post for more details.

union commerce

Happy shopping!





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