Checking Out Handmade All-Natural Soaps

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Checking Out Handmade All-Natural Soaps

Checking Out Handmade All-Natural Soaps

I notice that recently, numerous “homemade soap” shops / kiosks have been sprouting up all over the shopping malls in the Klang Valley. These soaps usually use products which are free of artificial colouring or flavouring, therefore making them more gentle on the skin.

A particular shop at Publika ( caught my eye the other day, as it stands out from the rest via its variety of eye-catching and delicious looking soaps. This newly opened shop called Soap Artisan, is located at the lower ground floor, right next to B.I.G. grocer.

They carry a very impressive range of products, which include the normal soaps (for various skin types), aromatherapy massage oil, charcoal bag, and a full range of what I would call “fancy soaps”.

The fancy soaps come in all shapes and sizes – example: alphabet soaps, cupcake soap (my favourite!), teddy bear soap, cake soap, toy car soap etc. They would make such great gifts for the special occasions.

I bought a bar of shea butter soap (for dry skin). I found it really soft on the skin, and leave my skin feeing subtle and moist after each use. However, it is a very soft-textured soap, due to the ingredient used. The soap should be kept dry when not used. Luckily, it comes with a little wooden platform (with gap at the bottom) “soap holder”. This helps to ensure that soap stays dry.

One thing that I noticed is that these handmade soaps do not have very strong fragrance, compared to let’s say L’occitane. I was told this is because they soaps are “100% natural”, without using any skin irritating fragrance chemical.

Here are some the cutest fancy soaps found in their shop:







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