My Gardening Project

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My Gardening Project

My Gardening Project

Not everyone is born with a green thumb, myself included.  But I do love the presence of plant life in my home, as living plants give the home “living energy”.

After witnessing the numerous very successful bonsai projects of my sister’s, I decided to carry out an “elementary level gardening project” of my own last weekend.

Equipment / Items needed (refer to picture below):

1) a pot (preferably with large opening)

2) soil

3) rocks / pebbles (for decoration)

4) plants.  I opted for 3 types of indoor, low maintenance species:

a) Peperomia

b) fittionia (red)

c) fittionia (green)

5) glove (unless you enjoy scrubbing dirt off your finger nails)

Steps :

1)  Put the soil into the pot (covering about ¾ of the pot)

2)  Position the plants into the desire position (I don’t think we need to overthink this step, as we can always prune the plants along the way)

3)  Make sure the plants roots are well covered by the soil and top up with more soil, if necessary

4)  Add in pebble stones / rocks on the surface and we are DONE!

I kept the bonsai outdoor but in a shaded area and have been watering it lightly daily (twice a day for the first 3 days, then once a day subsequently).  It seems to be growing well so far.

It is so rewarding to watch my plant grow and I highly recommend this to everyone.  This is a very low cost and easy to do project.  If I can do it, so can you.

Cost : Plants (RM21), Soils, rocks and pots (F.O.C. – RM50)

Duration : 20 min. (exclude material sourcing time)

Now, I am feeling encouraged by my little project and have set my eyes on my next project – Succulents plant bonsai.  Check out some sample work as shown below:






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